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SEM 2.0 Keeping Search Marketers Talking Via Email

Danny Sullivan has posted a wee blurb on Andrew Goodman’s SEM 2.0 a mailing list used by Search Marketers to discuss related topics. I am ...

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Google Gives The Power Back To The People?

Today Google announced significant enhancements to the Google AdWords program. Finally, the answer to some of my Google prayers?! Maybe not. In short, in a ...

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BlowSearch Making Strides Preventing Click Fraud?

How many times before I believe the boy that cried wolf. We came across BlowSearch at the Expo at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in ...

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Google’s Smart Keyword Evaluation Keyword Tool: Friend Or Foe

There is a very interesting forum topic on Search Engine Watch this week entitled: How many imps does a keyword get to run before it ...

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Finance The Most Competitive Online Marketing Industry? There’s a Shocker….

Wendy Davis of Online Media Daily has written an article outlining what industries are accounting for how much of the 97.1 billion online display ads ...

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Get Free Web Hosting With Yahoo!……IF you live in the US?

Kudos to Yahoo….at least someone is looking after the small businesses out there. With the rising costs of online advertising & the hardships of recruiting ...

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