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Do I Know The Way To San Jose?! I Do Now!

Thanks to Google Directions…….I know it will take one day and thirteen hours to drive there from Ma & Pa’s. Hmmm, I am looking to ...

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Do You Know the Way to San Jose – Yeah thought so…………..

So are you going to San Jose? yeah, well I’m not, too far away for me. I am exteremely sad about this. However I am ...

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So We Weren’t The Only Pair To Think BlowSearch Was A Hoax

Apparently Joe Holcomb, a former executive at Blowsearch thought so too! I should really voice my opinion across more venues….. Let’s see, Blowsearch, yes, Nic ...

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Google’s ‘Smart’ Keyword Evaluation Problems Solved?!

Finally! Problems solved………. Google Adwords: What are the AdWords keyword status changes? Related PostsGoogle’s Smart Keyword Evaluation Keyword Tool: Friend Or FoeThere is a very ...

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Search Ad Prices Rise in June

Fathom Online: Welcome to Fathom Online. Fathom Online has published a report outlining where search ads prices have risen. On average, for the month of ...

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