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Who is Editing the Editorial Teams?

I recently submitted a lengthy spreadsheet to Overture to upload for me. The new ads were due to be live on the 23rd, which of ...

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Google’s New Keyword Tool – One I Can’t Live Without?

Indeed! This keyword tool is very good! There are a couple of things I would like to see added, but on a whole it is ...

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Google on Top of UK Internet Search Stats….again

There’s a shocker! Hitwise has released it’s UK Online Search Insight Report, which doesn’t reveal many surprises but it is always interesting to read that ...

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‘Failure’ Has Been Googlebombed……but who is the real failure?

If you search the term ‘failure’ on Google, at the top of the organic listings is the white house’s official biography of George W. Bush ...

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Online Advergame – Everybody Wins

Miller Beer has launched an online advergame entitled Miller Beer Run to correspond with it’s television ad campaign. It was launched on Monday and according ...

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First Ever Wedding Proposal via Search Engine

We’ve heard about the first ever baby named after a search engine, so is this another first? Proposal by search engine…..I take it she said ...

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