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Is Hitwise Worth It?

Today, I had the opportunity to explore Hitwise. I have been ‘courted’ the last year or so to purchase it’s services, but have never had ...

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Everybody Loves a Talk Digger!

Who is discussing your web site, or your blog, or your company online? You can find out on Talk Digger. I read about it on ...

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Yahoo! Search Blog Steps Up to the Plate

Following up on my previous posting, Yahoo! Search Blog has a rebuttle….. They are ‘in it to win it’ people! Somebody better tell Susan before ...

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Yahoo!: We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

So, Yahoo! admits to taking their eye off the ball. Maybe this can explain the less than adequate services they have been providing as of ...

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The Other David Berkowitz has a Marketing Blog!

Wow, David Berkowitz has read my mind, only he has followed through and I am currently still contemplating. David has written a column entitled The ...

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Martin Luther King Day – Celebrated on the Web

Today is Martin Luther King day, in rememberance of him and of his cause a company called DDB Seattle has launched a web site reminding ...

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