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Just Been Tagged by

I’ve been tagged so need to answer, thanks Andrea (aka Veej). All right, not really a magazine fan, mostly do my reading online (of course), ...

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Googling at the US Border….Watch Yoursel!

Well you’ve probably already read about this little incident, mostly because of that Google Alert you have set up for ‘LSD’. In short, over at ...

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U.S. Search Engine Rankings, March 2007

Yesssss, I love the way I just blogged on stats from Jan 2007, and Clickz has popped this little number into my inbox. That’s why ...

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Google & Yahoo Top for Search Traffic….Shocker!

I know what you are thinking…. tell me something I don’t know! Or, you could be thinking, what the hell is Cheryl doing blogging on ...

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Woman in Search – Are you sure? Do they know what they are doing?

After attending SES NY for the second time in three years I realised that woman in search and online marketing hasn’t really grown in the ...

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More SES NY 2007 Fun – Caption Competition Time!

Ok kids, its Thursday night BlogandBeers, sorry Joe, already bought….Among the plethora of pics circulating from SES NY 2007 last week, we came across this ...

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