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Bye Bye Blogspot!

We’ve had some good times old friend but it’s time we moved on. Nic n Cher will be offline for a short time as we ...

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Industry News Throughout the Week

Just a quick note to point you towards a round up of some of the week’s news I put together for Let me know ...

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Burma Benefits Online

I’m sending out an over enthusiastic High Five Grab and Shake to our good friend BJ Cook over at who has posted a well ...

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The Forbes 400 –

So, Brin & Page have broken the top 5 in the Forbes 400 rich list. I guess that’s me down to number 6 then… I’m ...

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SEO "Cartoon" Quiz

A nice alternative to the in depth, yet very good SEOmoz quiz of last week. Take the Cartoon Quiz, it’ll make you laugh. I really ...

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What are you ranking high for?

Serious bragging rights here people! Go on, search for ‘Hairy Cow’ or better yet, search for ‘Animal Testicles’. Jealous much? “The Google’s don’t lie….” Related ...

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