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National High Five Day….Was Yesterday!

Check us on the ball…  The one day we can undoubtedly promote High Five Grab and Shake and, we miss it!  What the… For those ...

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Keep Your Friends Close Your Enemies Closer?

This is the premise of a new ‘anti social network’ called Farcebook. Much like it’s predecessor, Hatebook, this network is the opposite of Facebook. (Hmm, ...

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Check it Out! New Blogging Competition!

Our friend Loren Baker over at Search Engine Journal has broken news of their new Blogging Competition! Lots of reasons why this is a winner!  First and ...

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Instant Messenging for Conducting Business – Hero or Zero

Just when you think it’s all roses… I throw down a Pros & Cons list! Our latest hap involves conducting business using Instant Messenging. Here’s ...

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My Sister is a World Champion!

I’ve yelled it from every other rooftop, so why not on Nic n Cher! We have a firm belief in keeping NNC a bit personal, in case ...

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