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Nic n Cher on Tour 2007Nic n Cher stands for Nicola and Cheryl, shocker eh? We’re full of clever abbreviations like this. SFIP anyone? Oh, and buzz words. Are you kidding me? ‘Linkeasy’ people! Work with us here…

So, what do you want to know, the real history of Nic n Cher or the slave auction version? I’m going to assume you are all here for the good stuff truth.

So, where do I begin, Edinburgh I guess, 2001. Ahh, our first tour. We met in what ended up being our favorite watering hole, “Indigo Yard” and soon found ourselves running a marketing department of two for an established internet based finance company in Glasgow and Edinburgh. It wasn’t long before we both realised our love for all things SEO, SEM and Budweiser.

Together we’ve built and worked on numerous websites including or favorite, a brainchild from SESNY 2007, High Five Grab and Shake. Mainly for a laugh, we’re surprised and pleased by the continuous traffic it receives. To fill you in a bit, the premise behind the site is that high five grab and shakes make us vomit…. kind of a long story, but the site tells it all.

We also attended PubCon Vegas this past November and SES NY 2008. There may have been a few ideas born, I would watch this space!

We have a combined experience of 19 years marketing online. Most of which we have spent as colleagues. We specialise in PPC, SEO and web design and have had many successes with arbitrage and affiliate marketing (damn that quality score). We have been blogging on www.nicncher.com (which began on blogspot), for almost 6 years now. What began as just laugh for the 2 of us has developed into an SEM Identity we are proud of.

If you find us at any of the upcoming conferences feel free to approach, that’s what we’re there for! We love the network. But don’t take my word for it…. see for yourself!

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