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While Cher is on the topic of Scotland and Glasgow I felt this was an great opener for me to dive in an let you know that before Cher and I go on our annual looong trip to PubCon Vegas, we are seizing an opportunity to visit a local but huge global event.

This is not your average Nic ‘n’ Cher style of Expo, however we actually feel compelled to go, soak up the atmosphere, learn from the best and then put into action.  A warm up for Vegas if you like.

It’s a Whisky Conference, two days of tasting Whisky, Beer and food.  Can it get any better, we will actually be learning how to drink and taste Whisky like an expert, now there’s a job… lol

To put the cherry on the top, this event is in Glasgow, so no long airport check ins, lengthy flights or jet lag to get through, yeeehaaa. Lengthy Airport Check Ins

Being Scottish I feel honored to show Cher the delicacies of Scottish tradition and tastes (as she has been here forever she kinda already knows but this is the only hook I have), and also for once in my life I may actually be translating for Cher, eh ……

So good luck to us and a full write up after the “Whisky Live 08 Glasgow” to follow.

Oh and watch out for us in Vegas with any luck we will be drinking Whisky like Scottish Pro’s.

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  1. Cher October 17, 2008 at 9:08 am

    You know my Pa is going to be reading this right Nic? He may fly back over…

    Think I’ll get in training tonight with a wee dram…

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