Moan Throne – Holding court at SES NY

Oh no, I came across this post today on the searchenginewatch blog entitled Moaning at the Bar, I have to admit a few rather alarming flashbacks jumped to mind, but as I read on, I realised that even though the world revolves around me for the most part, it wasn’t my alcohol impaired chat that had the crowds complaining.

Turns out the numbers were down in the hotel bars, which left some attendees wondering where everyone was? My personal opinion is that it was the Hotel Bar staff who may have started this drama. That’s right Cheryl, because the Hilton is in desperate need of your $8.00….

Anyway, it’s a shame if this article was actually the case as Nic and I strongly value our networking time at these events. In fact, I came across some who were only there for the chat, making it to maybe half a session?!

When we were in the Hotel bars, I found the numbers to be healthy and the information sharing wicked. I think the best tip I came away with was from my friend Jon Heinl who explained to me how to get back to the Hilton from the Castle Bar:

Turn right, put your hand on the wall, and walk until you reach the front doors.

Dude’s a genius bytheway…

Just as I am not sarcastic at all, I am also not one to complain… however, for the sake of this blog, and apparently to continue with my list trend, here are my top 10 moans:

10. Empty expo floor
9. Dodgy wireless connection
8. Last Call!
7. No Actual Dance off
6. Saying cheerio to new friends
5. Girl to guy ratio. C’mon the ladies, get in there!
4. Lack of water on offer
3. Lack of good food on offer, too many rock solid buns
2. Melting and freezing in the seminar rooms
1. Lack of time in the day/night to ‘Check yourself before you wrecked yourself’!

Any other moans out there I should know about?

Catch ya.


  1. esoomllub April 16, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    I totally concur on the bar prices… $8.40 pre tip for a draft? Obviously it did not slow me down as my hotel room charges will attest.

    You gotta like the bars in New York though when you can stay out drinking whiskey until 4a! Whiskey Ward anyone?

  2. Andrea April 24, 2007 at 8:11 pm


    mm worth it tho ;)

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