Soooo, NY Anyone

Well I am sure if you have read this blog in the past you will see we have attended SES NY before and because of the truly great time we had before we are venturing across the water again.I must however issue a formal “WARNING” to anyone who stumbles (i do mean stumbles) across either one of us in the Hilton Bar after a hard day of conferencing and networking. If I remember correctly 2005 was not pretty…. so I apologise now for what you may witness.

Anyway back to the chat, at the end of those long days we are partial to a Bud or two in the Hilton’s lobby bar. Who wouldn’t, the beer is cold, Cher’s company is…. well good, (it does get better as the night goes on), and the knowledge I have taken on board that day has now started sinking in, and in my mind I can see how to apply my new found skills. I am happy. (Doesn’t take much.) I am possibly also wondering what SE party to attend that night, decisions eh… ooooo can’t wait almost there…..

Here is my Promo bit:
SES NY is definitely one of the highlights of the year for me and anyone who is working in the SEO or SEM business should absolutely attend, and if they feel like chatting with like minded SEO or SEM professionals then the networking opportunities is priceless, especially in the evenings at the bar.

Oh well I will follow this up once I get back, come say hello if you see us, can’t really miss us. One Canadian and one Scottish girl hanging about frantically taking notes all day, then, chatting and drinking Buds all night. That’s the NY life…..

catch ya….


  1. Patrick C. Price April 10, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    So I “stumbled” accross the two of you… :-)

    So here I am, living up to the promised blog comment… I will be adding the two of you to my RSS Reader and am curious to match our new knowledge and see what may be done with all the nice ideas we hear here.

    Nice meeting the two of you and hope to catch another Bud together!


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