That’s Right Kidlets! It’s SEOCON!

Just when I was beginning to come to terms with NnC’s absence from SES San Jose 2008, I’m hit between the eyes with this little number: Sun City SEOCON.

Chris Hooley and Snoop BlogYou know the drill… “Away and bite it. Fandango!” ie Nic n Cher won’t be attending this one either! What’s worse, is this Conference has got it all…

Picture it, as the SEOs begin to gather around the pool, feeling rather bashful about stripping down to their skivvies, (oh our Flickr accounts will be on overdrive), the Keynote arrives in the shape of a flying canon ball….because that’s how Hooley rolls. Just when he has all the SEOs convinced that (a) they can rule the marketing world and (b) they really do look good in their swim suits, Snoop Bloggy Blog arrives on the scene to bust out all that he feels is Lame and the Shizznit before he kicks off the official SEOCON Dance Off.

I cannot believe we are missing it.! I also can’t believe we weren’t asked to speak! Um, actually, I can believe it if speaking required wearing a swimsuit… :-)

Have a wicked weekend fellow SEOs!

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