Google Introduces Google Gears… TA DA!

So, I’ve been out of action for the past couple of weeks. You know what it’s like once you’re back, your inbox is large and in charge! As I began my rounds this afternoon, I came across a lot of chat about a new offline web application offered this week by Google, Google Gears. Wired has a good synopsis.

As I researched more, I came across this tutorial written by RustyBrick on,
A Look at Google Gears Working with Google Reader, which looks at, obviously, using Google Gears to access Google Reader offline…. how’s that for a recap!

This function really interested me as I have a flight back to Winnipeg fast approaching which has all of the sudden become a lot more productive! Google Editor and Google Reader, might as well bring along my Google Goo and alarm clock…

Anyway, is anyone else down with the Gears?


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