Google Mistakes….Part Two

So I have a feeling this theme could last forever. I just hope we don’t start seeing a thread entitled: NicnCher Mistakes….Anyway, I’m going to take Nic’s previous notion and take it a bit further, like right over the line with… GString! Bow chikka bow waa

I imagine the Big Dogs at Google could take over he world with this one! Or maybe they already have? Keep your friends close, your enemies closer right. Maybe there’s a reason why Google is adamant about not allowing adult content in their listings. Here’s what I’m thinking:

If every policy, strategy, functionality that Google implements, in some shape or form surfaces on the other engines i.e. quality score, geotargeting, adgroups, 35 character titles, etc. Why not black ball adult content, having it black balled from all other engines, so when (more like if), the other engines win a few hands and Google starts to lose its dominance in search, they play that pocket ace of a Porn Search Engine!

Same could go for Gambling but it already starts with a G and is far less controversial.


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