Googling at the US Border….Watch Yoursel!

Well you’ve probably already read about this little incident, mostly because of that Google Alert you have set up for ‘LSD’.

In short, over at Boing Boing there is an article entitled Canadian professor denied US entry for taking LSD in 1967. Read it, it’s….interesting.

This is normally where I would throw in my un-edited two cents, and now that I think about it, my official, findable on Google comment, is:

That’s what the old guy gets. The United States border officials were 100% right. Their purpose on Earth is to deny pensioners entry into their country in an effort to harness their rife gun, I mean drug culture. They are just doing their jobs.

Think I’ve taken that too far there…

What do you think?


*Note to self: Delete post before Pubcon Vegas

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  1. Tracy Macandog June 22, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Perogies that smell like feet? Must have been packaged in an old shoe. I grew up on perogies and have never had that experience maybe they had Feta in them or some weird cheese. Which brings me to a question Ive been curious about. .. Im newer to this blog and I have never heard of this perogie belt I love perogies and am intrigued maybe worthy of my next vacation. Where is it? Ive heard of the Bible belt and Tornado alley but never this Glorious land.

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