2005: The Year of Search

Wow Danny, you have been busy! Wish I’d had this posting to read on the plane last week, it could have occupied my entire flight!

Basically what Mr. Sulllivan has done is reviewed all the hot topics in Search in 2005. There are an amountable number of links to topical articles, surveys, and forums from Search Engine Ad Reps: Friend or Foe? by Heather Lloyd-Martin illustrating frustrations advertisers can feel towards the search engines, to one of my all time favortie forums postings, Can We Agree Automated Comment & Link Posting Is A Bad Thing?. As we all know it was a big year so there is a lot to cover.

2005 in Review: The Top Search Industry Stories of the Year

As for Nic’n'Cher’s year in review…..our most successful blog, What do Nic’n'Cher think? Views On Search Engine Marketing, Optimisation & Industry News: ‘Failure’ Has Been Googlebombed……but who is the real failure?, provided us with some interesting comments. Poor Nic didn’t know I had started a George W. Bush vs. The World debate! Regardless, I think we got the our point across.


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