Blog Spam: Love To Hate It

Danny Sullivan started a very interesting thread on search engine watch forums entitled: Can We Agree Automated Comment & Link Posting Is A Bad Thing?

There is a survey attached with more than half of the participants voting ‘Yes – In fact, I’d say unethical’. I’m not going to lie to you, I am one of these voters. Although I do agree, I can also see the big picture: Spammers always find a way, even if the search engines close the current loopholes. Google and Yahoo really have to set a precedent here and begin penalizing, fining, or banning sites that are participating in this type of spam. Without these kind of deterrents, blogs not unlike our own will have to continue to deal with the annoyance of automating comments and random link posting. Yes, that’s right, even our own wee search engine marketing blog has been a target. Danny is feeling our pain.

Read the thread yourself and voice your opinion – it’s free to sign up!

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