Bloggers Are Taking Over the World…First Stop, Oprah!

Steve Rubel has taken the initiative here and contacted Oprah with an idea for the show that is close to all of our hearts……BLOGGING! Hey, if there can be a show focusing on Oprah’s favorite things then why not ours! Maybe we’ll all walk away with plasma TV’s and cashmere sweater sets.

Steve sites that over 8 million users worldwide either blog or read blogs, this is an astounding figure for such a relatively new concept. Users from all demographics from all over the world are blogging on any topic, the very least that should come out of this is that Oprah will join the ranks and become a Blogger herself.

Nic ‘N’ Cher think we’ll start campaigning for a link to her blog now….

Micro Persuasion: Here’s Our Chance to Get on Oprah

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