BOTW – Givin’ It Away!

Dishin’ out BOTW Boys SESNY 2007highfivegrabandshakes all over the place lately! Wanna throw one over to the crew at BOTW who launched an impressive marketing campaign this week. That’s right people, you probably didn’t hear it here first, but let me just confirm they are giving away $10,000! And a 15% discount on an annual or monthly fee when you submit to one of their directories. Not too shabby.

Although it has been plugged as a ‘contest’ across the blogsphere, I assure you, all it requires is a website and the desire to submit it to their directory (live and kickin’ since 1994 people)!

Unfortunately, NicnCher are going to have to miss out on this one, as we are not residents of the US (or the District of Columbia), good thing I read the fine print

I guess Bryan and the BOTW boys will have to make it up to us with a couple tees and hoodies in Vegas! Maybe we’ll opt for the tanks this time…..because we are crazy that way.

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