Campbeltown Airport and the US Space Shuttle

Surely these two subjects don’t belong in the same story let alone the same sentence or heading.

At the weekend I was chatting with some friends, within this chat were two Naval Officers from Faslane Naval Base, we all got onto chatting about places in Scotland we’ve visited and we talked about Maccrahanish and Campbeltown, they said DID YOU KNOW.… Campbeltown Airport has one of the longest runways in Europe and actually serves as a landing strip and fueling stop for the Space Shuttle.   OMG, SHUT UP was my response amidst laughter…. I thought it was Navy humor, lets bluff the civvy.

Now if anyone knows Campbeltown you will know it is literally at the end of the road, sleepy village, tiny town, beautiful countryside and picturesque surroundings. It is NOT Cape Canaveral.

So this morning I remember the ridiculous claim which was made on Saturday, so I search “Campletown Runway” don’t want to be giving Google any clues as to what I’m looking for, lol.  And sure enough third result down is Wikipedia telling me all about the history of the FAMOUS MILITARY RUN CAMPBLETOWN RUNWAY, dammit.

OMG was still my response, this is still quite unbeleivable to me, crazy.

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  1. Cher October 25, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Um, is it wrong that all I heard was Naval Officers?

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