Cher Blogging From Winterpeg Canada

So it has begun, my three month hiatus in Canada…..well only a hiatus because Nic ‘N’ Cher are on different sides of the pond for the next three months and I keep feeling like I have forgotten to pack something. Feeling a wee bit of Nicola withdrawl over here but I hear that’s the only way to break away, cold turkey. I wonder if Nic has stopped crying yet?

Anyway, thanks to all the new internet communication developments that have emerged since I was here in Winnipeg last, my withdrawl symptoms are swiftly dispersing. I am using citrix and vpn networks to log in to my desktop in the office in Glasgow, I’m also using msn messenger as per usual as well as using Skype – Free Internet telephony. Skyping is brilliant! Nic and I have eachother on speaker and it’s like I never left.

All I need now is the sun to come out – wireless on my beach….now Nic Nac is crying for a different reason.

Nic ‘N’ Cher think that next summer it should be three months working in Spain for the both of us………..what do you think?

Google Maps – Google satelite image of Twin Lake Beaches Road South (between the two lakes) my Canadian residence…

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