Click Fraud – Class Action Agaisnt the Big PPC SE’s

Well I am sure we were all waiting on this happening………

If this gets to court and an outcome is reached in favor of the advertiser then I wonder how this will effect us, there mere advertisers.

I am sure everyone who has an online PPC campaign will know they are being fraudulently clicked everyday, maybe not much but there will be some clicks in there, but the question is “Surely the Search Engines know this as well”, well you would hope so.

Maybe this law suit is a step in the right direction, because hopefully the Search Engines will now take note and actually invest in some decent software that will actually flag up click fraudsters to ensure we do not pay for these devious clicks every day. Oh we can dream of that day. In our financial PPC campaigns I would estimate that our spend would drop by as much as 30% if Search Engines could safe guard my budget against these scammers.

Nic ‘n’ Cher believe this law suit can only be good for the advertiser, result in a slight loss in revenue for the Search Engine and hopefully end the Click Fraudster reign over the PPC model. Now that would be a good day at the office…….

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