Cookie Deletion: A Web Analytics Smear Campaign

A trend has recently been developing among Internet users to delete their Cookies. JupiterResearch Reports that in 2004, 58% of users deleted cookies and 39% of users do so on a monthly basis. What is interesting about this is that it will be the stats from these types of research companies, Jupiter and comScore, that could be marred.

This trend seems to be due to an influx of anti-spyware companies unfairly targeting specific web analytics firms such as WebsideStory and DoubleClick by promoting the deletion of cookies. Unfortunately, these small text files, are to an extent, the heart and sole of these businesses as well as an integral part of a PPC advertiser’s battle plan. Let’s not forget that many marketer’s use an analytics company to co-inside with their own internal tracking relying on Google and Overture’s respective conversion tracking tools, which in turn rely to some degree on cookies. If users are increasingly being influenced by this web analytics smear campaign, both small and long term tracking will be sacrificed.

Nic ‘N’ Cher think a future posting will focus on the differences between cookies and spyware.

Rob McGann of ClickZ News writes more…..

Anti-Spyware Companies Promote Cookie Deletion

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