Danny Sullivan: Leaving Search Engine Watch

Is there something in the air?

I am certainly not the first to post on this subject, but I couldn’t let it pass without blogging on it. Afterall, I am sure it was one of Danny’s insiteful articles on Search Engine Watch that introduced me to the whole blogshere to begin with!

So, it’s official, Danny Sullivan is leaving Search Engine Watch and after Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2006 will be leaving SES as well.

I’ve been following his work for years, and albeit gushed like a school girl when I met him at SESNY in 2005, he has provided me with the tools I have needed to establish myself as a search engine marketer. Thanks Danny!

So, yeah, as much as this self professed ‘established’ SEM thinks she knows it all, don’t be fooled, let Danny tell you his story himself:

Leaving Search Engine Watch

RustyBrick at SearchEngineRoundtable also has a lengthy tribute including 8 million links to related blogs and comments.

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