Google Listens to Suggestion Box

Am I naive to believe that Google really does listen to the little people?

How long have I waited to view the cost per conversion for every ad copy…..I feel one of my pathetic “this is the best day of my life” narratives coming on. It’s been a looooong month.

Anyway, if I wasn’t clear above, Google has made some rather crafty changes to it’s user interface. Besides inclusion of a cost per conversion for each ad copy, four new tabs have been added separating the data into Summary, Keywords, Ad Variations, and Sites. You can still view all the stats in one, but you now have the option to condense.

For a more informed explanation see: What has changed on my Ad Group pages? Google Help Centre

Or login and check it out yourself.

For more info on the Google’s ‘Suggestion Box’ please see:

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