Google on Top of UK Internet Search Stats….again

There’s a shocker! Hitwise has released it’s UK Online Search Insight Report, which doesn’t reveal many surprises but it is always interesting to read that some things in this industry don’t tend to change.

This report focuses mainly on internet search data from September 2005 and you can download it for free from the website until November 15th. I’ll point out a few specifics but as I said above it’s an interesting read, especially for those of us battling it out for UK ad space!

Hitwise reports that Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask were utilized for 94% of internet searches in the UK this past September. Google UK dominated by powering 63% with Google UK and .com collectively earning 70%. Google images also took top marks for image searches claiming 85%. So, Google is still one top, what have these other search engines been working on then?

According to Hiwise, while Google is used mostly for search, Yahoo ( was mostly used for it’s portal and email, and MSN ( similarily for communications through email, chat, and groups. Hmmm, there’s something new to me…MSN groups.

This last point which left me feeling hopeful that there are still unlimited numbers of unique keyword searches out there, is that of search terms resulting in a visit to one of the five most visited travel websites, only 9% overlapped. Get on that diamond hunt kids!

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