Guinness is Blogging!

A brilliant move from a company that has produced memorable ad campaigns through it’s seventy five years! I know I am not the only one whose local contains at least one old school Guinness poster sporting any of these popular catch phrases:

There’s Nothing Like a Guinness, My Goodness My Guinness, Guinness The Inn Drink, etc

All of which I might add, are displyed on Guinness Irish Stout Beer, the Guinness Official website

Anyway, I have always loved the clever campaigns Guinness has produced, almost makes me want to drink the stuff! Regardless, I am just as pleasured by the current ‘Good things come to those who wait’ television ads, and therefore am looking forward to what the Guinness marketing team can do within the Blogsphere! Good luck to them, they already have a fan in me! My blogroll please….


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