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Yes Nic and I love to dapple in a little search engine marketing and optimization and tend to spend quite a lot of time doing it. But, believe it or not, we do spend our spare time on other things. I just thought I would lighten our blog up a bit by discussing a second topic that is consuming my thoughts: my most recent plight in the Winnipeg/Glasgow transition:

Keeping active! Yes, every country has gyms you can join (don’t get me started on equipment quality and price comparisons) but I need action! I need to compete! I have had to leave all my teams in Winnipeg including senior women’s volleyball with the girls from school, curling with my sister, and softball, not to mention coaching. All for treadmills and free weights…..or so I thought.

This weekend I was challenged. This weekend I climbed a mountain! Although, my companions here in Glasgow keep telling me it was a ‘hill’, but hey, I grew up in the middle of the Canadian prairies so believe me, it was a mountain!

Ben Venue, just north of Glasgow, was exactly what I was looking for. It almost killed me getting to the top, but as I sipped my tea and bailey’s and gazed out over Loch Katrine and it’s surrounding areas, I was reminded of what I really loved about sport……the challenge.

Now, the idea behind this posting was to keep it entirely SEM industry free, but I can’t help but include the link to the web page that led me to Ben Venue and my new challenge. A very good find indeed. Now all I need to find is a curling club…..hmmmm which engine shall I use?


  1. David Temple September 29, 2005 at 3:03 pm

    This is interesting because I read so many SEM blogs and it’s great to just see something different once in awhile. I’m curious as to what search engines you use to find local places and events. Keep us posted on your non SEM activities. dt

  2. Nic 'n' Cher September 30, 2005 at 3:38 pm

    Hi David,

    Glad you are enjoying our postings. To be quick, when I am in Winnipeg, I typically use,, and When I’m in Glasgow I use, overture, espotting on occasion and mirago on occasion. I always use google first and I am finding more and more that I don’t have to go onto the other engines to find what I am looking for. Cher

  3. Anonymous October 18, 2005 at 12:53 pm

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