Landing Pages: What? Where? and When?

How many articles do I have to read? How many seminars should I attend? How many competitor pages should I study? How many ideas should I bounce off fellow search engine marketers? Until I perfect my own landing pages? I guess I’ll let you know.

This weekend I am dedicating myself to improving my landing pages. Let’s see, site maps tell me to put my title top left, but other sources tell me that an image catches the eye first. Our eye naturally reads left to right sooooo, where do I put the title in comparison to the image? Do I put text under the image? And what about the call to action? Top and bottom of the page? In the title? In the text? On the submit button?

Well let me tell you, I have numerous colleagues to converse with, marketinserpa’s ‘Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Converstions – Data & Design Guidelines’, and of course these numerous articles and blogs to peruse:

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Royal Flush: Making Landing Pages Pay Off
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