Love the challenge, don’t forget the online research..

Note: what you are about to read has been massively dramatised for full impact, oh and names have been removed, your lucky eh.

On IM today I was chatting with one of my internet acquaintances, you know who you are….

Anyway we were just, you know, talking a lot of nothin, and then I mentioned I had to go and catch a train. Nothin unusual I hear you say, but, ***** then said “what? there are trains in Scotland.” So, ***** thinks they’re a smart ass.

I said “we probably invented the train“, knowing how rich a country Scotland is with inventors, it was a possibility. But low and behold ***** said “bollocks, you guys only invented Golf and Kilts“. Obviously I felt hurt, cried a bit, gathered my thoughts then said “WFT we invented the modern world mofo“.

Well now ***** is gonna look it up, but I thought to save there time I would compile a list.

I am most of the time (but not during the soccer world cup, ever) proud of my country and history, we are not all haggis, highland cows, castles and mountains, we have brains and most importantly drive. So please enjoy my list of the glorious inventions this world has to be thankful to Scotland for, watch out there are some diamonds in there:

  • James Chalmers – Invented the adhesive postage stamp
  • Sir Hugh Dalrymple – Invented the hollow-pipe drainage system
  • David Douglas – Botanist after whom the Douglas Fir is named
  • Patrick Ferguson – Invented the breech loading rifle
  • James Gregory – Invented the reflecting telescope
  • John McAdam – Developed the process of covering roads with small broken stones (Tarmac)
  • Charles MacIntosh – Added naptha to rubber to create the Macintosh raincoat
  • John Napier – Developed the concept of logarithms and invented the decimal point
  • William Paterson – Founded the Bank of England
  • Sir James Young Simpson – Pioneered the use of chloroform in anaesthetics
  • James Small – Invented the iron plough
  • William Symmington – Developed the first steam powered marine engine
  • Robert William Thomson – Invented the vulcanised rubber pneumatic tyre, patented the fountain pen and patented the steam traction engine (he was a busy man)
  • Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt – Developed RADAR
  • John Logie Baird – Invented the television (and to him we are thankful)
  • Sir Alexander Flemming – Discovered penicillin
  • Alexander Graham Bell – Invented the telephone (that’s a biggy)
  • James Young – Developed the process of refining oil
  • Sir David Brewster – Invented the kaleidoscope
  • Sir James Dewar – Invented the vacuum flask
  • John Boyd Dunlop – Further developed the vulcanised rubber pneumatic tyre (Dunlop Tyres)
  • Thomas Telford – The “Colossus of Roads!” Built many of the first roads
  • Joseph Black – Developed the concept of latent heat and discovered Carbon Dioxide
  • James Braid – Pioneered hypnosis
  • Sir Dugald Clerk – Invented the two-stroke Clerk Cycle Gas Engine
  • Sir William Fairburn – Developed the use of tubular steel in construction
  • Rev. Alexander Forsyth – Invented the percussion cap which later became the bullet
  • William Murdock – Invented coal-gas lighting
  • James Pillans – Invented the blackboard and colored chalk
  • John Shepherd-Barron – Inventor of the ATM
  • Sir Sandford Flemming – Created the World time zones
  • Alexander Wood – Invented the hypodermic needle
  • John J R MacLeod – Helped to discover insulin
  • Henry Faulds – Created the process of criminal fingerprinting
  • Ian Donald – Invented the ultrasound scanner
  • John Anderson – Father of the Anderson Air Raid Shelter
  • Sir Charles Thomson Rees Wilson – Created the Wilson Cloud Chamber (no idea what this is, but it sounds good)

I hope you enjoy some of these links and they whet your appetite for more things that make Scotland (small as we are) great.

Oh almost forgot the last one:

  • Invention of Nic, 1 part of, 100% made in Scotland

I would like to thank ***** for prompting me to write this blog. Lovin’ your work.

Closing final thought “this country may be small but we done good.”



  1. Anonymous June 14, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    what other sites are you working on?


  2. Nic 'n' Cher June 15, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Well hello there Mr Anonymous, we have loads, lets hook up offline and I can tell you all about them. What you saying Cher, ……..oh it’s your dad, shut up.

    Oh no, sorry Mr Cher, let me rephrase that last comment…..


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