MySpace Sponsors ‘SecretShows’

Could this be the icing on the cake for me? Is is time to accept that Cher will not be giving up her space any time soon and create one of my own?

Basically MySpace ‘secretly’ started hosting private concerts, including one by Franz Ferdinand TONIGHT! You may have heard it here first. They are banking on word of mouth to promote the live concert project, so here is my part. I’ll be honest with you, I read about this on MediaPost Publications and was just about to pass it by when I read the last line naming other shows they had already shown and there it was….NOFX! C’mon, planned a four month backpack through Europe around a NOFX concert in Barcelona people!

That is when the whole MySpace thing hit me, well the music side of it anyway – it’s not Top of the Pops, it’s what we really like. It’s new, it’s unknown, it’s original, and now it’s exclusive.

Read the MediaPost Publications article I happened across, and find out how to be part of this select group. Don’t miss out on a ‘SecretShow’ put on by your favorite unconventional band.

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