No Longer Just a Self Professed Google Advertisng Professional

So, I think I might be milking it……but when has that ever stopped me.

Yes, I passed the Google Advertising Professional Exam this week. It was a good challenge and, I admit it, I actually enjoyed writing it. Hmmm, so what officially makes me a search marketing geek then, the fact that I am bragging about passing the GAP exam or because I am admitting to enjoying it. Whatever the case, onwords and upwards, Overture Ambassador here I come!

So here we go, which one is better? I came across this 2004 ClickZ article, Google Professional Vs. Overture Ambassador in which Kevin Less asks:

Should you become a Google Advertising Professional or part of the Overture Ambassador Program?

Although a wee bit out dated, the idea is the same, having either or both goes a long way in the eyes of potential clients and you’ll probably learn something new. So what’s the hold up?

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