Pay-Per-Call for U.K……But Was It Any Good In The US?

Kevin Newcomb of Clickz News, writes that later this year, Miva will be launching Pay-Per-Call in the UK. My question is, it is any good? I know that Miva (previously Findwhat in the US) has had this service for a significant amount of time but I haven’t come across any good feedback on it. In fact, the only real opinion I received came from Dana Todd, the current SEMPO president during a session at SES New York. It was more of a sarcastic skit which included Dana pretending to be a calling customer and never getting an answer. In researching Pay-Per-Call, she made some random calls only to realise some pretty disappointing results ie no answer or someone from a call center answered who didn’t possess any specialised information on the product.

My second question of course, is why aren’t any of the big dogs (Google, Yahoo, Msn) launching it? There must be a reason, I mean they’ve launched everything else?

Nic’N'Cher think they need more convincing….

Miva Plans Pay-Per-Call for U.K.


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