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Ok, I am not going to lie to you, I am jealous that I am not at SES San Jose. I know, it’s a shocking statement but it’s true, I wish I was there. However, I must admit, RustyBrick and his crew, have made me feel, to an extent, as though I have been. Their postings on Search Engine Roundtable have been both thorough as well as entertaining. They have really captured the atmosphere in most sessions.

Having been at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York in February, I know how extremely busy the Roundtable team must be. Trying to get to every session, then posting detailed reviews of each, as well as trying to get to the many social functions tied in with the event, it certainly is a challenge.

Of course there has been great coverage coming out of a lot of different sources and it is always great to have different points of view to ponder. So check out Live SES San Jose 05 Session Coverage from the Search Engine Watch forums, also moderated by RustyBrick as well as the forum entitled: SES San Jose 2005: At-A-Glance Parties, Events & Gatherings Schedule for you guessed it, SES after hours.

There is also plenty of coverage on the official Search Engine Strategies Blog

Technorati is always good for adding a little variety to the blogsphere.

NicNCher think they may join the ranks and blog coverage of SES NY next year……..still a ways to go.

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