SEM 2.0 Keeping Search Marketers Talking Via Email

Danny Sullivan has posted a wee blurb on Andrew Goodman’s SEM 2.0 a mailing list used by Search Marketers to discuss related topics. I am a member of the mailing list and I have to admit that sharing opinions and thoughts on industry news and products with ‘colleagues’ is very helpful. It is also an excellent venue to intoduce your own questions or ideas. The biggest plus as far as I am concerned is having access to the opinions of industry leaders such as Andrew and Danny. Satisfaction is gauranted when one of the big dogs agrees with one of your contibutions……

Nic ‘N’ Cher think for those of you that have a knowledge of search engine marketing and crave to learn more, its worthwhile joining.

SEM 2.0 For Search Discussions Via Email


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