September 11, 2001 – Where were you?

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of nine eleven. As RustyBrick points on at our industry has paid homage to those touched that Tuesday morning five years ago. This is my small contribution…..

Where were you September 11th, 2006 when you realised the US had been attacked by terrorists? As I was reading through the blogsphere and forums, I came across numerous stories. Everyone has their own whether they were on the bus, in Starbucks, at work, on holiday, or even at ground zero. Here is my story…

I was on a boat in the Algarve in Portugal with ‘Big Scottish Boyfriend’ and his family having a memorial service for his younger brother Dave who had passed away only two months before. I received a call from my sister Katherine in Winnipeg telling me the twin towers had been hit by a plane, she kept us posted with calls about the second plane, the Pentagon, Flight 93, and the towers coming down. While we were saying goodbye to a very special brother, son, boyfriend, Daddy to be, friend, and overall wicked guy, 2,973 people died in New York City. It is difficult to explain the parallel I experienced other than to say that tens of thousands of lives were thrust onto a path I was already traveling…

Where were you?

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