The Cow, The Castle and The Chug…..

Ok, so I’ve been on holiday (without the Nic, if you can believe it)…

A few friends from the ‘Peg came over and we hit the Highlands! Following a cardinal rule of blogging, I am going to throw in a personal post here to keep you interested.

Picture it, Dunvegan Castle on the hill and a Highland Cow in the distance, six city slickers getting caught up in the romanticism (not that kind of romanticism) and the history of the Scottish Highlands…..

There once was a lad named Terrence, who challenged an evil ogre Lindsay to a chugging contest. The air was foul that day, but alas it was only Bryan, who, legend had it, was the true cause of the Highland Clearances.

The prize for the winning chugger was the company of three lovely maidens; Kim, Kathy, and Cheryl of Patienceisavirtueville…. the loser, a night in the field with the Hairy Cow.

There’s only 3 things we know for sure about that night:

1. Terrance won the battle
2. The ogre fell over
3. And Bryan was given to us by fairies

All in all a grand old holiday!

Check out my flickr account for more pics, you’re going to love ‘em!

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