The MySpace Generation – Is it Me? Is it You?

BusinessWeek published an article last week, in fact it was the cover story, focusing on social networking sites such as A very interesting topic for me. After a friend introduced me to his space, I have been contemplating creating one myself. I guess like many MySpace users, life has led me away from home and my family and friends, so I am always looking for better ways to keep in touch. The sunday night phone calls I began with in 2000 somehow seem now to be an ancient idea. I mean how many calls can one person make in one sitting!

So, what is stopping me? Well, two things, first is TIME! What else is new, I can barely find the time to update this blog! Two, in order for anyone to delve into my space, they need to sign up themselves……..hmmmm, I think that would take a serious campaign on my part, and I think that means more time?! Maybe I’m just that lazy, or maybe I’m just bitter that I can’t get

The MySpace Generation

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