‘The New Yorker’ Is Scolded For Letting Target Stores Advertise In It’s Valued Space

There are so many things I can throw out there about this, but let me just explain the situation first. Basically, the American Society of Magazine Editors has ‘slapped the wrist’ of the The New Yorker for violating society guidelines when it published its Aug. 22 issue sponsored by just one advertiser, Target Stores. Their guidelines specify that there must be a note included in the publication stating that the advertiser did not influence it’s content. The New Yorker apparently did not include this. Ok fine. I am going to just ask one question: how much did it cost Target Stores to advertise on 18 pages of this one magazine? Although I am sure I don’t know whether it was $5000 or $5.00 something that I have learned is where they are actually spending their budget because it certainly isn’t on their search engine ad copy writers:

Department Store

Department store online

Shop Target.com



ASME Scolds ‘The New Yorker’ @ Media Buyer Planner

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