Top 5 Spookiest Places in Scotland…

There are a lot of scary places in Scotland and I don’t mean the subway after an Old Firm game! I’m talking about the real deal… ghosts, hauntings, castles, battle grounds, and the like.  Read at own risk….

1. The Hidden Valley of Glencoe – Where the MacDonald’s hid the stolen cattle and where one of the bloodiest massacre’s in Scottish history took place.

2. Mary King’s Cross, Under Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the Old Town – Offically closed in 1753, it is now notorious for it’s frequent hauntings.

3. Greyfriars Churchyard in Edinburgh – Patroled by bother Bobby the wee hound and the infamous MacKenzie Poltergeist.

4. The Yesnaby Stacks in Orkney – It could be the thought of being blown off these cliffs that is the most scary! It is popular with rock climbers. Freckled with shells and look out posts from the war, it emits a reflective atmosphere.

5.  The Clootie Well, Inverness – Surrounded by trees adorned with rags, spirits run high around this ancient well.

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  1. Self catering Scotland August 7, 2010 at 2:42 am

    I am not certain, if the stories related to these places are real, but yes, they are counted among the most haunted places in Scotland. I have been listening about the horrible stories of Mary king’s close from the day’s of childhood.

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