Who is Editing the Editorial Teams?

I recently submitted a lengthy spreadsheet to Overture to upload for me. The new ads were due to be live on the 23rd, which of course was Sunday. I bet you know what I am getting at…..today is the 26th, and only half of my keywords are out of pending. Not only that, they have spelled the company name incorrectly on those that have gone live! My question is: Who is editing the editorial team?

Me, apparently.

Just so this isn’t a bash Overture posting, I’m going to even it out by bashing Miva UK accordingly. Same problem, they promised a 48 hour turn over two weeks ago and I am still waiting! I thought with the new name, they might have better service, let’s hope they provide better quality traffic.

Harsh, but I am paying for a service that I don’t seem to be getting.

Nic n Cher want to know, when is MSN Search coming to the UK again? Not soon enough…


  1. Ian Hash ( ) November 6, 2005 at 4:42 pm

    I did like your blog postings and comments. I have one question.
    Can any 1 harm our rankings in google or any search engine ?
    Imran Hashmi

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