Yahoo Let’s You Make Your Own Music Station!

This may be old news, but it’s sure new to us! How much better is the listening in the office! Nic and I have each make our own stations with our own tastes (which can be pretty much the same), cheesy 80′s country anyone?

Basically what Yahoo Music allows you to do is login in to your account and customise a radio station. You pick what music genre’s you enjoy as well what artists. The most clever part about the program is that you can actually rank songs that Yahoo plays. So let’s just say you love everything about Snoop except Justin……….when ‘Signs’ is played you can rank Snoop with five stars but you can also rank the song as ‘never play again’. How good?! I have secretly blocked Shania from Nic’s playlist bytheway…….let’s see how long it takes her to read this blog.

Anyway, I am loving this Yahoo tool, so check it out eh!

Yahoo! Music


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