Yahoo!: We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

So, Yahoo! admits to taking their eye off the ball. Maybe this can explain the less than adequate services they have been providing as of late.

Johnathan Thaw of Bloomberg News, reports that Yahoo! Chief Financial Officer Susan Decker recented stated in an interview,

We don’t think it’s reasonable to assume we’re going to gain a lot of share from Google. It’s not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search. We would be very happy to maintain our market share.”

Well, if they aren’t striving to be number one in their industry, what are they striving for? If not search, then what?

As a searcher and a search engine marketer, I would have to agree with Steve Rubel in that I am now unsure about using a product that does not strive to be the best in their business.

In the same article, Thaw wrties that according to ComScore Networks Inc.,

Yahoo! handled 19 percent of global Internet searches in November, a drop from 27 percent a year earlier.

In light of this latest buzz I don’t think this trend will change in the upcoming months…….am almost feeling sorry for the shareholders?

On the other hand, could this all just be a smoke screen? I’ll be honest, I strive to sit in position two when bidding on Yahoo! and not number one. I have my reasons……do they?

Yahoo! gives up quest for search dominance

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