IMBroadcast – Home of Internet Marketing Vids

Our friend Loren Baker, over at Search Engine Journal, has partnered with David Snyder and Jordan Kasteler of Search & Social, to launch IMBroadcast! Described by Loren as the “Youtube for Internet Marketers”, it kind of says it all…

Users can upload and watch videos, create or participate in groups and even converse with the community. Very easy to use and a great resource for the SEM industry, not to mention entertaining! I’ve already picked up on this little doosy:

Part of the launch includes live video streaming from ScarySEO. By the looks of the tweets coming out of that event, these vids could be very interesting…


  1. Loren Baker November 3, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks Cher, we’re having a lot of fun with IM Broadcast right now and planning IM Spring Break, the follow up conference to ScarySEO :)

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