Cher and Trains Don’t Go

Although I don’t usually pass comment on Cher’s posts, (never needed to) on this occasion I had to. Please note I do know the post below is not principally about trains but when I read it and saw her name along side the word train I couldn’t resist.

Let me enlighten you on Cher’s long standing relationship with trains.

Cher has a rep for missing trains, getting on the wrong train, not getting off trains at the correct stop, forgetting to get off the train, leaving her luggage on trains and generally not really getting the whole train public transport thing.

This brings me to this weekend: Cher and I are off on tour for a few days to Liverpool and yes you guessed it we are travelling by train. So to help us on our merry way, safely and without major event, Cher read below…

Note to Cher:
while we are in transit do not leave my side, do follow my lead, do not try and go solo on this you need me BTW…. past experience proves this… Don’t worry I’ll have the buds.

Never Walk (Travel by Train) Alone Cher…



  1. Nic 'n' Cher May 3, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    And I heard we have to change trains in preswick or somewhere… could be trouble.


  2. NicNCher May 3, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    What are you takin about, its Preston.

    See what I mean, she has no clue…

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