One of my many idols “Prince” is playing in Vegas this weekend, like a million miles from Glasgow. I sooo want to go.

I was reading my usual entertainment news the other week when I came across all this chat on Prince opening a new club in Vegas “3121″ in the Rio Hotel.

How sad am I, after reading about how it was going to be the best gig ever in Vegas I went straight onto Ticketmaster to check out availability of the tickets for the gig and also checked out Expedia for the cost of a plane ticket. Like I am going to Vegas this weekend, yeah right….. Oh how the net makes your dreams very accessible, till you check the bank balance.

But I will dream….

So to everyone who shares my love of Prince I hope you all get to go to Vegas this weekend, and I hope it is the best, EVER….

I will be here (in Glasgow) thinking of where I would like to be, VEGAS BABY.

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