8 Random Things About Me?! The short list then…

Nothing wrong with a little game of tag on a Friday afternoon! Our friend and fellow rocker Julie gave us a tag, requesting a blog on 8 Random Things about Nic n Cher (separately).  I’m going to go ahead and write on Cher… of course Julie has already covered my number one, I’m pretty cute.

Brace yourself, I’m all over the place!

  1. I’ve been training for a marathon for about 5 years… so that should be some race.
  2. I’ve flown the same route from Glasgow to Winnipeg for 8 years, but I still manage to miss my connecting flights.  Yes, there are two connecting flights each time I fly so the chances are a bit higher that I might miss one, but really, sitting at the wrong gate…twice?!  I don’t know how I managed to take a gap year around Europe and survive… wait a second, was I really in Europe? (I am beginning to think this 8 random things thing might end up being 8 random revelations).
  3. I still use the first laptop I’ve ever owned.  It weights 300lbs, but I still lug it around everywhere even to Nic’s for Wednesday night blog n beers.
  4. I’m a secret country music lover, I spent my adolescence giving my friends the gears for being country music fans but found myself uploading Toby Keith onto the Nano last month. WTF?!
  5. Despite my new found closet love for country music, I am still an alternative rock rocker at heart having made extreme sacrifices to follow NOFX, Good Riddance & the Madd Caddies to Barcelona in 2000 for the BEST CONCERT (and after party) EVER! Also making for a horrendous morning bus ride, hmm, which may have something to do with my failure as a public transport user…. revelation number 2.
  6. I hate leftovers but will drink Budweiser from last nights case.
  7. I tend to exagerate for a laugh, especially in the presence of my younger sister who feels the need to challenge/correct my every comment. The action of antagonising my sisters will never leave me. And Kathy? We really do have 8 million readers.
  8. And last but not really as random, as I am very open about this one. So open we’ve built a website on it (cue the shameless link). High Five Grab and Shakes make me feel uncomfortable.

Now for the fun part.. You’re It Kids:


  1. Tom March 7, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    Hey cool – I was reading this and just got to the bottom to discover you tagged me :D

    Country music though? For real!?

  2. julie.joyce March 8, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Number 6 is my fave.

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  4. Cher March 11, 2008 at 4:02 am

    Yeah, country music, not the most glamourous random thing about me…

  5. Katherine March 17, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Your laptop does not weights 300 lbs.

    Shows you to makes funs of me on yer blag.

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