8 Random’s About Nic

Thanks Julie for asking both Nic n Cher to reveal 8 randoms about ourselves.

I am really up against it here to make it crazy interesting as Cher put a dynamite list together, I may need to call my mum to find out if if she can help me out, lol.

Here goes:

  1. I love sums, numbers and formulas, I have an unhealthy addiction for Excel, best piece of software everrrrr, give me a spreadsheet any day.
  2. I have a passion for everything New York City, I have been a bazillion times in that last 6 years. I am proud that my initials are NY. Every time I visit New York I buy quite a few “I Heart NY” tee’s. When I get home I then hand these out to my friends and family pretending really that the double meaning is I Heart Nicola Young.
  3. I have a very healthy appetite for all genres of music, I do mean all genres, however my all time favorite, since I was about 12, is Prince. I have traveled to see him many times, he’s the best to me.
  4. I love mafia movie’s, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Untouchables etc… and believe it or not I used to actually fantasize that one day I would marry into the Mafia and be a bone fide Mafiozza wife, must explain my desire to live on the edge, I’m a gambler.
  5. No matter how hard we both try, it happens, Cher and I cannot out drink each other, we just end up getting ridiculous together… not a pretty sight.
  6. I used to smoke, I was a 30 a day lady back in the day. I have been “clean from nicotine” for over three years now. Well done meeeeeee.
  7. I know all the words of “The Wizard of Oz“, this is my ultimate childhood favorite movie. I must have watched it over a triple gazillion times in my life and I have never gotten bored of it, YET.
  8. I can’t swim, I have never learned and I don’t want to learn as I hate water. I have a horrible phobia of deep water. JAWS is gonna get me…

I do have some more however as the request was for only 8 I have stuck to the rules. I now pass this on to:


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  1. Julie.Joyce March 12, 2008 at 6:28 am

    You girls rule, both of you…

    I love number 8. I love water and CAN swim but I am still convinced I am going to drown/be eaten by a shark/forget how to swim/etc.

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