A Wee Ditty from the Nic n Cher Google Talk Archives

Cher and I occassionally save our chats, for a rainy day, or for legal reasons…lol.

But this one should carry a health warning, it’s crazy funny, and It shows you the thought process that was involved in us booking our trip to Vegas. Here goes (BTW we have not changed names to protect the innocent).

8:15 PM NicNac: hi

me: hi

8:18 PM NicNac:

when did you get back?

NicNac: i have soooooooooooo

8:19 PM goodddd


for you

me: stuff like that scares me….

what is it

NicNac: vegas baby, booking it tonight if you want BTW

me: what?!

NicNac: huhuuuuuu

you ready

6 minutes

8:31 PM NicNac: what dates is the convention

so what dates do you wanna fly

me: i think 4th – 7th is the conference

NicNac: what is that the tues – fri

me: yep

8:32 PM NicNac: so you wanna fly sun or mon

and then back on sat

or sun

me: ooooh

8:33 PM back on the sat

NicNac: ok

and out

me: there on the sun? so we have a full day mon to check out vegas?

NicNac: ok

8:34 PM me: what do you think?

NicNac: yip

8:37 PM you want the luxor

8:38 PM what is your max spend on hotel and flights

8:39 PM me: i don’t know

what is it looking like?

NicNac: we can go deluxe at the planet holyywood for £596 each

me: flights and room?

8:40 PM NicNac: or we can go suite style at the MGM for 650

8:41 PM 642 at the palms

we can party with the playboy bunnies


me: nice

8:42 PM i’ll bring us tails

NicNac: yeah i liked that too

i will bring the ears

luxor 568

me: yep am just having a look to see where it is compared to convention center and wynn

NicNac: the wynn is 800


8:43 PM very expensive

me: oh yeah, i thought it would be

NicNac: it is a 5 star

me: its just the hotel for the conference, i think they said its full ow anyway

NicNac: however as vegas doesnt sleep you can drink till you fall down in any hotel lobby

so it doesnt really matter i suppose

me: can’t wait to fall down drunk

8:44 PM NicNac: oh no there are still rooms with expedia

circus circus 513

8:46 PM so what you thinkin

me: am still trying to find the luxor on the map

which one are you thinking?

8:47 PM NicNac: i am open to whatever you wanna do

8:54 PMme: you wanna do the luxor?

NicNac: i am not bothered, do a few searches in expedia and ebookers you will see what is available

5 minutes

9:00 PM NicNac: i am doing the 2 – 8th

9:01 PM me: k

NicNac: ok

just so we can compare like for like

me: k

16 minutes

9:17 PM me: oooh out door pools…. all day monday drinking poolside wtf?!

9:18 PM NicNac: that is sooooo


me: meee toooo

ok, we need a hotel with an outdoor pool then

NicNac: bring it

yes we do

9:23 PM NicNac: i am sitting pool side fully clothed

with a bud

me: me too

9:24 PM for your benefit

might pull out the long shorts

NicNac: i will have ankle length shorts on

me: longs

NicNac: thats me

9:28 PM me: this is a hard decision, picking the hotel… think we should do it together…

NicNac: yeah


as this is kinda a holiday as well

me: yep

NicNac: not really doing any work

at all

ever really

9:29 PM me: yeah except the conference…

NicNac: are we going to that?

me: but that pool might be hard to say no too

NicNac: i thought we were just networking…?

9:30 PM after conference

where is the conference at anyway

is it even in vegas?

me: lol

NicNac: i though we were jus kidding on it was work

is there really a conference on

shut up….

9:31 PM me: only if we want ther to be

NicNac: well no then


you want a jacuzzi in the room

me: what is this our honeymoon?

9:32 PM NicNac: it could be

me: if they change that law

NicNac: i nearly spat my wine all over the laptop then

9:33 PM you want to book this tomorrow then, or at least choose the hotel them…


me: yep for sure

NicNac: ok then

I hope you liked it, you will hear this kinda stuff live if you meet us at Pubcon Vegas 2007, lucky you.



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  1. Tom November 28, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    “me: yeah except the conference…

    NicNac: are we going to that?”

    LOL – you guys so have your priorities in the right place :-) v funny transcript. More please!

    Also – I’ve been missing out on Nic n Cher for the last 6 weeks or so (ever since your redesign it looks like). Did you forget to 301 your feed URL or something? None of your posts have been in my reader for ages! Thought I’d swing by and see what was up and wow – you’re blogging regularly!

    Never fear though – I’m subscribed now :-)

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