Can You Design Next Student’s New Home Page

Next Student Home Page Design ContestHooley and the guys at Next Student have came up with a cracker, so good in fact that i am wondering why it is not done more often in their market.

It’s just so easy, simplistic and these guys are working with the right people for this to really work “Students“.

I was thinking who more than students could use a cool $2,000 in their bank for designing a dynamite home page for Next Student. However that is not to say only students will enter, ahem ahem….. I am sure with Hooley‘s and Snoop Bloggy Blog‘s first class contact lists on Facebook etc… they will have many designers going for gold on this one as the exposure will be pretty big.

OK hold up guys…….. so while writing this, and reading excerpts for your slick mini site created just to promote this comp I notice the horrid line: “The Contest is open to the public, but Contest entrants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States in order to be eligible for the Grand Prize. “ what the hell, it’s discrimination ….

If you didn’t already catch the accent I am Scottish and Cher is Canadian (almost Scottish) that is way outta line Next Student…, you are missing out on the creative talent over on this side of the world, there are many design geniuses over here.

Anyway still a great idea and I know the result will be phenomenal. Cant wait to see the results, keep us posted.


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  1. Snoop Bloggy Blog March 4, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Hey! Due to international laws, we had to keep it in the damn USA. I wanted the UK and Canada to be involved, trust me, but we weren’t allowed…Doh!

    Thanks for the post BTW!

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